The geographical game.

An API for World Atlas - the geographical game.

You can check out and play the World Atlas game.

Currently it is implemented in without using this API, there are tons of Js hard coded arrays for that. That would be easy to exploit the game in a real-world scenario.

Soon, this API will be integrated into the app as well.

You can interact with the API from worls-atlas-api as the base entry point url.

API Endpoints

  1. '/<place>' -> for validating the place.

    • Returns true if the place exists in the database.
    • Else returns false if it doesn't.

  2. '/get/<letter>' -> for obtaining an random place with given letter.

    • Returns an place, beginning with the alphabet letter

  3. '/list/<letter>' -> Obtains a list of all places with given letter.

    • Returns a list of places, beginning with the alphabet letter

  4. '/create/<place>' -> Enters the place into database.

    • Posts the entered place into the database.